Dear visitor,
As a chemical engineer I was busy all my life with waste water treatment and all its aspects, such as chemistry, biology, hydraulics and environmental law. After a preliminary job as an assistant at the Swiss 'Federal Institute of Technology' in Zurich and then working with a machine manufacturing company as a supplier of machinery for sewage treatment, I worked for 35 years with one of the major waste water consultants in Switzerland, Kuster+Hager, Engineers Ltd, as head of the laboratory department.

Not only waste water technology kept me busy. I also used my sparetime to foster my hobbies

- Watch making, and

- Muzzle loader shooting

Due to my retirement, I now find the leisure to share some of my findings with you. Choose one of the three topics given on the header. I'm planning to add more and more to this page as time passes by. So look in from time to time and check out my new contributions.

Have fun, Yours Ulrich

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